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Global Events - Suffolk Stories 

Chronicle was pleased to have helped Suffolk Archives create an exciting new exhibit as part of their first public display at The Hold on Ipswich Waterfront.

A component of the inaugural exhibition, “Global Events: Suffolk Stories”, the Chronicle exhibit allows visitors to listen to audio recordings collected from students at Lakenheath Elementary School on base at RAF Lakenheath.  The recordings share students talking about their temporary home in Suffolk.


Chronicle’s display evokes a 1940’s theme with an evacuee suitcase and vintage radio - but beneath the surface, Chronicle has embedded its latest Memory Box technology, developed here in Suffolk, that brings pictures drawn by the children to life with their audio recordings.


John Royle, founder of Chronicle said “Chronicle is all about preserving and celebrating local stories, so we are pleased to have developed this display in partnership with Suffolk Archives.  Being part of the inaugural exhibition in the impressive new The Hold building is a real honour and we hope the integration of our locally developed tech adds a further Suffolk touch to the display.”


Emily Shepperson, Exhibition and Interpretation Officer said: “It has been fantastic to work alongside Chronicle to bring a new dimension to this, our very first exhibition at The Hold. We hope the display helps visitors understand how Suffolk has changed as result of key international events, and these stories from children at the Lakenheath Elementary School are a great example of how people adapt and work together for the benefit of the wider community.”

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