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Talking Walls

Chronicle works with developers and local authorities to support with the creation of building records.  We add a social history record through the stories of people who have a connection with the architecture.

Traditional building records focus on the form of a building - preserving the record in a written form through measurements, material assessments and photographs.  Chronicle adds an extra dimension by capturing the stories of people associated with the building and their uses. 

Historic England have published guidance for building recording in the form of a guide called "A Guide to Good Recording Practice" (available here).

The fundamental purpose of Building Recording is to promote the understanding and appreciation of historic buildings, therefore we believe recording the social history of the building and its role in the community is also vitally important.

By recording the stories of people who have a connection to the building in their own voice, we can help to preserve a richer history of the building and the people who worked or enjoyed it.


Contact us to find out more. 


Case Study:

Our work with former students at Ruskin College in Oxford helped to capture the daily life and culture of the College building in Walton Street, Oxford including it's temporary use as a maternity hospital in WW2.  Listen to some of the stories we recorded here.

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