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An example of a digital story created in a Chronicle workshop  (By Laurie Evans)


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Chronicle assists individuals, organisations and communities to share their stories digitally.  We do this via our two sister companies, Chronicle Digital Storytelling and Chronicle Community Story Projects CIC (see more about our structure here).

We believe passionately about the importance of preserving family stories and reminiscences because some things in life are worth more than a social media update.

We also believe that the best way to define the essence of community and place is through the stories of people connected to it, which is why we work with local authorities on tourism and place-making projects.


We also work with organisations to preserve their history, staff insights and community impact. 

Our digital stories combine photos and an audio narrative into short videos of 1-3 minute duration.

Participants create their own content by recording stories and reminiscences from their life.  Often we focus stories around a particular theme or topic such as a location or place.

Chronicle works with individuals, organisations and communities to create digital stories through our range of workshops and mobile story booth.  We aim to help people create better stories using our STAR method.

We support individuals with sharing their stories wtih family and friends.  We also curate stories for organisations seeking to use stories to achieve outcomes including placemaking, tourism, advocacy, community development, health and promotion.

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