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The Aldringham Memory Box

The Chronicle Memory Box allows audio stories to be attached to printed photographs.

The Aldringham Memory Box was a community project undertaken by our sister organisation, Chronicle Community Story Projects CIC, to capture stories about life in Aldringham in Suffolk.  The project was designed to engage with the local community in a positive way and to capture a snapshot of local life.  The long term legacy of the project will be to preserve a record of this era.

We created over 50 recordings from a range of recordings with local people for the box which is to be exhibited in the local church.

The project was kindly supported with funding from the National Lottery Local Connections Fund.

Photo 21-10-2021, 12 05 24.jpg

See the box in action showing this story about the church choir by Mish:

Photo 21-10-2021, 12 07 50.jpg
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