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In days gone by, the responsibility for telecommunications in the UK fell under the responsibility of the General Post Office (GPO) and there are still people around who can recall that era. 

As a result of our work at the Suffolk Show Show alongside BT, we were fortunate to be invited to record the stories of a former GPO employee, Len Dove.  At 93, Len remembered his time during WW2 working as an instrument maker for the GPO at a factory in Bovay Place, Holloway, London. 

We combined Len’s recordings with various images his own collection and BT’s Digital Archive to bring a voice to the images and help preserve some of the important heritage of BT.  Meanwhile, Len and his family have some wonderful memories to enjoy.

Here's a couple of Len's stories - please enjoy!

Len recalls a secret device being bought into the workshop.

Len talks about the preparations at the factory for air raids.

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