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Suffolk Show

Chronicle helped to bring a new dimension to the Suffolk Show in 2018 by sharing local stories at the Show.  We produced a series of short video stories that visitors could enjoy on screens at the Show as part of a fun 'Treasure Trail.

Developed in partnership with:
Suffolk Show App

The Suffolk Agricultural Association commissioned its own smartphone app for the Suffolk Show with information about the exhibitors and events.  The app was a first for the Show in 2018 and was developed by local company SmartNE in partnership with BT, Suffolk County Council and West Suffolk College.

Chronicle collected local stories to form part of the app by way of a Treasure Trail of stories.  The stories consisted of local reflections from Suffolk people associated with the project partners, displays and exhibits at the Show.

The app directed people to the locations where visitors could watch a story. A poster at each location enabled visitors to unlock interesting content on their phone and take part in a quiz competition to enter a prize draw.

Now the show is finished for another year, we've opened up access to the stories so that everyone can enjoy them!


Sam Fairs reflects upon his life as a Suffolk farmer.

"Changing Roles!" 

Nigel Oakley reflects on the changing role of the working horse in Suffolk.

"Women in Tech" 

Leah Claireaux talks about her work at BT and her 'Women in Tech' initiative.


Amy Rushton talks about the exciting new records office being developed for Suffolk called the Hold project.

"Driving in Ipswich" 

Bridget Hanley from the Suffolk Records Office introduces the diaries of Olive Turney who was a truck driver for Ransomes during WW1 in Ipswich.  Lesley Dolphin from BBC Radio Suffolk kindly narrates the diaries.


Cherry Grover explains how heavy horses are braided and the meaning of the colours used.

"Centre of Excellence" 

Gary Jefferson describes the exciting new computer, science and engineering centre that is being built at West Suffolk College.

"A Day in the Life" 

John Bullock describes his typical day as a dairy farmer in Suffolk.


Nigel Oakley talks about the Yellowhammer birds he sees on the fields in Suffolk.

"WW1 Air Raids" 

Lesley Dolphin from BBC Radio Suffolk narrates Olive Turney's diaries from her time as a truck driver in Ipswich during WW1.

"Defining Moment" 

Trevor Linney reflects on the changes in technology and his achievements while working for BT at Adastral Park

"The Importance of Bees" 

Gabrielle Maughan reflects on the importance of bees.

"Lifecycle of a BEE" 

Gabrielle Maughan explains the lifecycle of a bee.

"Leap of Faith" 

John Bullock describes how dairy farming has changed over the years and the role of technology.

Find out more about the Suffolk Show here

The app is available for download here:

Apple App Store

Google Play

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