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iOS users:  Look for the Voice Memos app on your phone (see here for detailed instructions)

Android users:  Look for the Voice Recorder app on your phone.

voice recorder.jpg

If you don't have an app installed on your phone by default, you can find alternatives in the appropriate app store.

2.  Use your computer

If you have a microphone on your computer, you can record directly from your browser and download the recording so you can send it onto us.  Here's a link to a site that will let you do it for free:

Once you are happy with your recording, you can download it and email to us along with your photo.

We will review your story and submitted to the Oxford History Centre for archiving.  We will also keep a copy for our own archives.  We reserve the right to decide which stories are submitted to the archive.


Contribute a Story!

Do you remember Boswells Department Store?  Are you looking to contribute a story to our Bowsells project collection?

It's easy to add your story of Boswells.  You simply need to record the audio of your story (maybe script it first if you like), take a selfie of yourself then send them both to us! It's that easy! If you have another photo that's relevant to your story, then please send that too.  We've added a few options below for the easiest way to do it but please let us know if you need more info or help.


Don't forget to tell us your name!

1.  Use your smartphone

If you have a voice recorder on your smartphone, that is probably the easiest method to do the recording.  You'll probably want to script your story first (a side of A4 is plenty) then just find a quiet place, record your voice and send it to us when you're happy.  Don't forget to send us a selfie too!  You can send your recording to us via email or whatsapp. 

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