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Chronicle Community Story Projects CIC

Chronicle Community Story Projects CIC (company number: 11519649) is our not-for-profit organisation that enables us to seek funding to undertake our own community focused projects (as opposed to client fee-for-service work).  Our Community Interest Statement is as follows:

The company’s activities will provide benefit to local communities via its activities and projects in personal storytelling. In particular the company will benefit communities by:

  1. Preserving and promoting local heritage and social history;

  2. Supporting people at risk of social isolation and loneliness;

  3. Providing activities that support positive mental health and well-being;

  4. Encouraging people in local communities to engage and connect with each other through local stories.


  • To gather, produce and preserve personal stories in the form of first person audio/video narratives.

  • To create and deliver storytelling projects focused

  • on themes of community interest and benefit.

  • To leverage and promote stories using digital technologies for the enjoyment of local history, community engagement, advocacy and tourism.

  • To grow an archive of assets (images and film) that can be used to support and encourage storytelling.

How will the activity benefit the community?

  • Preserving local heritage and social history

  • Promoting positive mental health, well-being and selfworth

  • Engaging with people at risk of isolation and loneliness

  • Creating opportunities for intergenerational activities and positive family connections

  • Supporting the use of technology, particularly with older people

  • Encouraging learning and understanding about local history

  • Providing opportunities to promote a sense of place and support local tourism

If the company makes any surplus it will be used for…
Reinvesting into further storytelling projects and preserving heritage assets aligned to the objectives of the organisation.

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