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Chronicle works with a range of organisations and individuals to deliver personal life storytelling and
reminiscence projects.

  • We use personal narratives to express and interpret themes in an authentic manner

  • Our work spans place shaping, heritage, local tourism, events, aged care and health

  • Our clients are typically individuals, museums, events, local authorities and other not-for-profit organisations

  • We support the health and well-being of local people, their families and their communities

  • We reduce loneliness and isolation by engaging with people and recording life stories

  • We capture and preserve local narratives in a manner that embraces culture, feeling and sentiment

Our main activities involve two main elements, recording life stories and celebrating them and we have developed a range of products and services to support us in our life story work.


We have several methods to help capture stories and narratives based upon specific client themes.  Examples of past themes have included place-making, mental health, immigrant stories, aboriginal culture.  

Chronicle Digital Storytelling Workshop

The process of recording life stories is part of the experience, enjoyment and value of a Chronicle project.  We use a range of methods to help people share their stories that are tailored to the needs of our clients.

Digital Storytelling and Life Story Workshops 

Our workshops guide small groups through the process of creating their own digital stories.  Over the course of a full-day we take people through the steps required to script and edit a story.  At the end of the day our participants finish with a screening; having created their own story;  Read more>>

Story Conversations

Our life story work tends to take the form of more informal conversations one-on-one with clients to record their life stories.  We edit their story together separately.  This activity can be undertaken at home, or within suitable client venues created as temporary 'story booths' - for example we have previously collected stories from a vintage caravan and from a beach hut.

Chronicle Self-guided Packages

We also work remotely with people to help them create their story from the comfort of their home using a PC, smartphone or tablet;

We have relationships with a number of content providers that also gives us access to archive images and other media to help bring participant stories to life.

We work with people of all ages! 



Chronicle has an innovative technology platform to support sharing stories.  We also leverage social meda to extend reach.

Chronicle Local stories cinema screening

If you create wonderful stories, let's ensure people can enjoy them!

Chronicle has developed a unique platform of products and solutions to promote the sharing and enjoyment of story content.  These include:

Our touchscreen kiosk solution provides access to stories from managed locations such as local libraries or events.  The kiosk is also ideal for people who may otherwise be unable to access stories via the web or smartphones.

Our smartphone trails app allows stories to be enjoyed as part of a digital walking trail. Stories can be linked to locations using a blend of GPS and iBeacons to enable people to seek out local content.

Part of our walking trails platform also allows promotional opportunity for local businesses and other organisations.

Our web platform allows stories and related content to be presented on-line in a simple website.

We also leverage social media channels as well as other off-line solutions such as public screenings and art exhibitions for stories to help celebrate content.

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