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Arriett and Arry (Saturday August 18th 1928)

Cirencester Carnival 1920, Pearly King and Queen

Here's the story of the photo:

This wonderful photo of two young kids in fancy dress with their 'First Prize' winner's certificate is part of a collection of glass negatives we acquired recently. 

We really like this photo as it shows a time past but something we can still relate to today - a fancy dress competition.  Their wonderful costumes and their names presumably reflect the Pearly Kings and Queens of the East End of London.  The dress of the people in the background is also reflective of a past era.

We wanted to know the story behind this photo and a little more about these kids with their whole future ahead of them at the time. What happened to them?  Was the Arriet and Arry really a reference to Pearly Royalty or was there another theme?

Luckily with this photo we had a clue - the certificate.  Zooming on the certificate, we identified that it was from the Annual Cirencester Carnival held in August 1928, so that dates this photo quite precisely.  A quick search revealed an on-line newspaper article that reported on the carnival and identified the winners of the fancy dress - in this case Sidney Munday and Dennis Hunt in the Boys Under 10 category.

Do you know what happened to these boys? Please let us know!


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