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Christmas Story Collecting

As I write this on Christmas Eve, I wonder about the many people anticipating the enjoyment of this festive period and catching up with friends and family.

As the transient excitement of food, gifts and selfies subsides, I hope you'll join me in sparing a moment to reflect on the opportunity the festive season provides to connect with others in a meaningful and lasting way through the sharing of recollections and memories.

In years past, I have often emerged from this period feeling a bit regretful that I spent too much time eating, drinking, watching TV and checking social media rather than engaging in a meaningful way with the people around me. The 'busyness' of modern life, all its immediacy and constant distractions seem to get in the way of good intent – albeit I know a simple question or comment is all that's needed to open a wealth of interesting stories.

So, this year I’m determined to spend more time ‘story collecting’ and less time updating Facebook! I'd love it if others want to join in to!

So in the hope that it might encourage a few people, here’s a few ideas on how I’m going to start those conversations – with a very Christmas theme of course! :-)

  • What was your best Christmas present ever?

  • What attempts did you make as a child to catch Santa and how did it work out?

  • What do you remember about the night before Christmas and how you felt about it as a child?

  • Which particular Christmas years were most memorable and why?

  • What activities in your community or home town do you remember at Christmas time? Why were they special?

Feel free to add you suggestions and share how you get on in the comments below.

And in the meantime, may I wish you all a wonderful Christmas!

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